Santa's Magic Mailbox Gives Kids

A Virtual Trip to the North Pole.

When Santa had the Magic Mailbox created for last year’s Holiday season, he didn’t ever think it would need to come back for a second year.  But this Christmas the Magic Mailbox returns to Saint Paul, because seeing Santa in person might be difficult once again.

If you can’t make it to see Santa in person, fear not! The elves are on a regular schedule bringing letters to Santa and making sure everyone that takes a peek inside is given a boost of their own special Christmas Magic. . 

Please wear a mask!

Please wear a mask

To help all of the boys and girls, moms and dads enjoy the holiday season, I ask that you all wear your masks and keep a safe 6-foot distance while visiting Santa's Magic Mailbox. Don't get on the Naughty List!

How to Use Santa's Magic Mailbox

3 Simple Steps

MAil Your Letter

Drop your letter in Santa's Magic Mailbox. All letters are collected nightly by Santa's Elves and brought to the North Pole for Santa and Mrs. Claus to read. Parents, remember to include your return address!

Take a Peek Inside

Step up and peek inside Santa's Magic Mailbox! You will be treated to a magical experience with a very special message from Santa - direct from the North Pole. Be ready to receive some Christmas Magic!

Share Online

Help spread the word!

Share your experience with friends and family via social, text or email. Our goal is to bring a little Joy to our community and Santa hopes that the Christmas message Magic spreads among us all.

Where In SAint PAul is Santa's Magic Mailbox?